SASO’s 24-hour hotline is available to survivors, friends and family, professionals, and the general public.

All calls are free and completely confidential.


Dedicated and personal advocates are available to:

  • Believe, listen, and validate.

  • Empower survivors by providing options through referrals to counselors, healthcare providers, or other professional and community resources. There are resources specific to those who are Native American, LGBTQ, Latino/a, and others. There are also resources for those needing more information about Human Trafficking, Intimate Partner violence, etc.

  • Give expert guidance through the hospital, law enforcement, and court systems in La Plata and San Juan counties as well as the Southern Ute Indian tribe.

  • Educate on how to be a “first responder” and support for someone who has been assaulted.

  • Provide resources and referrals.




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Durango: 701 S. Camino del Rio in Suite 312

Ignacio: The Elhi, 487 Shoshone St. #463

Durango: 970.259.3074

Ignacio: 970.563.0695

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