Survivor services

You decide how we help you.

Sexual violence is never the survivor’s fault. There is no shame in asking for medical help or emotional support. You have a number of options available, and your path to healing may be different from other survivors. It doesn't matter if the assault happened yesterday or 25 years ago - it is never too late to start the healing process.

You are not alone.

SASO advocates and staff are here to listen to you, believe you and offer guidance and information to help you heal and transform. Speaking with an advocate can help you understand your feelings, and we can connect you to other resources that can help. All of our services are free and confidential, and available in Spanish.

  • See our definitions and additional information section for information about sexual violence definitions, rape trauma syndrome, dynamics of sexual violence and oppression.

  • Visit the WGAC to learn more various symptoms of trauma and ideas to help you cope.


SASO seeks empowerment for all victims of sexual violence regardless of immigration status, sexual orientation, religion, gender, income level, race/ethnicity, age, or ability.





Trauma and the Brain: Understanding abuse survivors responses.
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