FLASH or Family Life and Sexual Health: 5th through 12th Grades, Parents and Educators


SASO is currently incorporating the FLASH Program (Family Life and Sexual Health) out of King County, WA to address such issues as physical development, promotion of sexual health, prevention of disease, affection, interpersonal relationships, body image, and gender roles in a proactive and interactive manner. This Program spans the school-age years (Grades 5-12 and Secondary Special Education). FLASH offers up to 19 modules, embraces an abstinence-based approach that encourages family and peer dialogue because statistics show that children will delay sexual contact or be more likely to use contraception when their families talk openly about it. 


The modules SASO is focusing on presenting are a 6 week itinerary that includes: Healthy Relationships, Gender Stereotypes, Sexual Violence Prevention, LGBTQ Youth, Sex: Myths, Facts, Feelings, Values and Sexual Violence: Digital Communication and Safety. Staff facilitated, student co-leaders co-facilitate based on the knowledge from CDPHE reports that student participation increases ability to engage youth with longer retention. FLASH rests on a foundation of positive and healthy sexuality across the life span and ensures discussion about the wide spectrum of beliefs on sensitive issues. 




Programs Offered
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