CAPP: Child Assault Prevention Program: 1st through 5th Grades, Parents and Educators


The Child Assault Prevention Program, or CAPP, is based on a Best Practice Model of Prevention that includes parents, community members, educators and students. 


SASO’s Staff and trained volunteers bring education and skills to the Parent CAPP and the Educators CAPP Trainings. The goals are to build on and refresh the current skills the parents, teachers, and educators posses as well as practical tools to use when a child discloses sexual abuse.


The focus of the program for elementary age students is to brainstorm ways students can maintain their rights to be “Safe, Strong, and Free.” This workshop consists of four role-plays designed to discuss the most common assault experiences a child might encounter: Bullies, strangers, known adults, and what to do if they encounter a “big problem." The program is designed to help students develop prevention skills such as refusal skills, self-assertiveness, identification of feelings, problem solving techniques, giving and receiving peer support, and seeking and obtaining adult support. In the post evaluations, SASO has received a 97% retention rate score from the students in their increased prevention skills.

"CAPP is very appropriate for my students and I'm pleased that several were able to name a trusted adult."

-High School Special Needs teacher 




Programs Offered

The Parent Workshop is an important component of the program to create a space for parents to ask questions about the Children’s Workshop, get to know the CAPP Coordinator, and learn about what parents can do to prevent child sexual assault. Parents are given resources from the Children’s Workshop that offer a better understanding of the tools that CAPP offers children. These tools are intended to enhance what parents are already teaching their children about personal safety. The Parent Workshop encourages caregivers to incorporate personal safety discussion into their conversations with children. 


The School Staff/Community Workshop is a key component in building awareness and offering skills in recognizing child sexual abuse and how to handle disclosures from young children in the most appropriate way. Adults involved in children’s lives need to understand and realize their importance in lessening the vulnerability of children. This workshop includes a brief history of prevention models, and gives research based explanations for the Empowerment Model that CAPP is built on. This workshop also offers evidence-based tips on the impact adults have on reducing the trauma of a child who has disclosed an assault. 


The Children’s Workshop is the main component of this program. Its focus is to brainstorm with students, ways they can maintain their rights to be “Safe, Strong, and Free.” This workshop consists of role-plays designed to discuss the most common assault experiences a child might encounter: bullies, strangers, and known adults.  A fourth role-play is included to demonstrate what it may look like to talk to a trusted adult about a “big problem.” Throughout the workshop, children are asked to identify trusted adults in their lives that they feel most connected to. After the role-plays and discussions, students are invited to speak with facilitators individually to review and/or practice the skills they’ve learned in the workshop. The program is designed to help students develop the following prevention skills:


  Refusal skills

•  Self-assertiveness

•  Identification of feelings

•  Problem solving techniques

•  Giving and receiving peer support

•  Seeking and obtaining adult support


Teachers are asked to complete an evaluation of each workshop to ensure growth and development of the program is always in the best interest of the children participating. 


"Students were engaged and felt the importance. They will remember the skills and concepts." 

-3rd Grade Teacher

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