Oppression- systemic institutional mistreatment that exists between groups where dominants benefit at the expense of subordinates. This mistreatment serves to maintain the unearned power and privilege of the dominant group.


Systemic- (adj.) affecting an entire system


Sexual violence- any sexual act that a person has not consented to. Can include a large range of behaviors that violate a person's space & safety in a sexual way (i.e. obscene phone calls, cat-calling, sexual harassment, rape, voyeurism, unwanted touch, etc.). The level of violation is defined by the person who experiences it.


Sexual assault- generally used to describe some type of physical sexual violation or physical sex act that was performed without consent.


Rape- a common term used to describe acts of vaginal, oral or anal penetration without consent. This is not a legal term in Colorado.


Unwanted sexual contact- any non-consensual sexual contact, such as touching or fondling of breasts, buttocks, genitals or other sexual/ "private" parts.


Consent- most basically, consent means agreeing to an action of one's own free will. Consent is active, based on choice, and is only possible when there is equal power.




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