Medical advocacy

Immediately after an assault, health and safety are the first priority. SASO advocates are trained to offer referrals and information about community resources that address STD’s, pregnancy, injuries, emergency contraception, and other health-related questions. If you choose to get medical attention for the assault we can offer support in person by accompanying you to the emergency room for a healthcare exam. You may also choose to have forensic evidence collected by a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner), and can have a SASO advocate with you to answer any questions you may have. You can have this done even if you are choosing not to report the assault to law enforcement at this time.


Legal and law enforcement advocacy

SASO advocates are trained to offer information, assistance, and support through the criminal justice system. If you decide to report your assault or press charges, an advocate can go with you to the police station, or we can arrange for you to meet with a law enforcement officer in SASO’s private office to make a report. We can be present during any meetings you may have with law enforcement officers, lawyers or victim-witness personnel at the district attorney’s office. You can also have an advocate be present with you at any court dates or trials.




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