PROTECTION ORDERS SASO advocates can help you with the process of applying for a civil protection order. If you have a criminal case (meaning your case has been picked up by the district attorney's office) and the perpetrator has been arrested, you likely have a criminal protection order already in place.
VICTIM'S COMPENSATION You may be eligible for Crime Victim Compensation to financially cover losses or expenses related to your assault. SASO offers assistance in applying for Crime Victim Compensation.
INVESTIGATIONS & COURT A SASO advocate can sit with you while you make a report to a law enforcement officer, and you can do your report in the SASO office. SASO advocates can also be present in the courtroom throughout your case.

Legal Reporting & Advocacy

If you decide to report your assault or press charges, an advocate can go with you to the police station, or we can arrange for you to meet with a law enforcement officer in SASO’s private office to make a report. We can be present during any meetings you may have with law enforcement officers, lawyers or victim-witness personnel at the district attorney’s office. You can also have an advocate be present with you at any court dates or trials.

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