Sing our Rivers Red Reception & Workshop



  • Appreciation and gratitude

  • Army of Bright, Shiny Souls


  • Outside In, Inside Out

  • Raise Up


  • Everybody is welcome (no one is turned away)

  • Safe spaces


  • Heartwork

  • Using your gifts to support the movement


  • Community Share-ship

  • Ability to make the events and their spaces your own

  • Our Community/Our Voices


  • Many Hearts, One Beat

  • Many Passions, One Fire

  • Many Revolutions, One Movement

Sing Our Rivers Red Mission Statement

“The Sing Our Rivers Red (SORR) events aim to bring awareness to the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women and colonial gender based violence in the United States and Canada. The events strive to raise consciousness, unite ideas and demand action for Indigenous women, girls, Two Spirit and LGBTQQIA people who have been murdered or gone missing, tortured, raped, trafficked, and assaulted, who have not had the proper attention or justice. SORR also is being planned in solidarity and with collaborative spirit, meant to support the efforts built in Canada, as well as highlight the need for awareness and action to address colonial gender violence in the United States. Sing Our Rivers Red events recognize that each of us has a voice to not only speak out about the injustices against our sisters, but also use the strength of those voices to sing for our healing. Water is the source of life and so are women. We need to Sing Our Rivers Red to remember the missing and murdered and those who are metaphorically drowning in injustices. We are connecting our support through the land and waters across the border.” (

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Durango: 701 S. Camino del Rio in Suite 312

Ignacio: The Elhi, 487 Shoshone St. #463

Durango: 970.259.3074

Ignacio: 970.563.0695

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