"I have learned so much more from the people I meet than I could ever give to them." Thomas - SASO Volunteer


Benefits of Volunteering

• Be part of the movement to end oppression and sexual violence

• Provide a valuable service to the community

• Gain communication skills and knowledge that can travel with you for the rest of your life

• Empower survivors of sexual violence to heal and transform their own lives

• Belong to a community of dedicated and caring volunteers

• Create a culture where you can be yourself

• Empower youth and adults in the community by giving them tools to prevent sexual violence


Who Will You Meet?

Sexual Assault Services Organization (SASO) is a community of people. We are of different genders, ages, cultures, races, ethnicities, religions, languages, sexual orientations, nationalities, survivor statuses, abilities, socioeconomic statuses and experiences. We come together for the purposes of transformation for ourselves, with others and for the world at large.

This transformation is fueled by the hope and the possibility of healing. It is based in the knowledge that we deserve, and actively pursue, a world filled with safety, love, compassion and equal power.  By joining this community, you are declaring that you, too, believe in the power of healing and transformation.

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